Smarter options, smarter you

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Read on to check how many of our productivity hacks your office is using, We hope you score well!

Worried about your low score? Why not ask us about our A4 and A3 multifunction laser printers for Perth businesses that do all of these things and more?

1. Name your scan

sharp smart keyboard

When scanning a document, select ‘document name’ and a QWERTY keyboard will pop up. This allows you to give the PDF you’re creating a name or title. This saves valuable time looking for the correct scan when you’re back at your desk. Whether you’re scanning to your email, a scan folder on your network, or scanning directly to your computer, naming your scan while you’re at the printer makes life a little easier.


2. Automatically remove blank pages

B NEW blank page skip.png

Scanning a large double-sided document can be annoying when there are blank pages on the reverse of some pages. By selecting ‘blank page skip’ before you start scanning, the printer will automatically remove blank pages to enhance the presentation and practicality of your newly-created digital document.


3. Save money when you copy

C UI basic mode.png

The clever design of our user panel now saves you money when you’re copying. We don’t have a single ‘copy’ button that forces you into auto colour when colour documents are being copied. Instead, you can choose from a mono or a separate colour copy button to make mono copies of colour documents when you don’t need full colour.

4. Automatic toner eject

D NEW Auto eject toner.png

You can’t change the toner cartridge until it’s empty. This ensures you don’t discard cartridges that still have some toner inside them. Once the toner is actually empty the machine will alert you. And it will automatically eject the empty cartridge to be changed! This automatic toner eject system makes it impossible to change the wrong colour.


5. Scan to Word

E NEW2 scan to word and office scan.png

While creating PDF documents from your hardcopy originals is the standard expectation, it can be difficult to amend a PDF document. For those times you want to edit or amend a hard copy original without retyping the entire document, you can now scan directly to Word. In fact not only can you scan to Word, if you have a hardcopy spreadsheet but don’t have a digital version, our systems allow you to scan to Excel to create a digital version of your hardcopy spreadsheet.

6. Quickly scan dockets and receipts

F receipt seperate scan.png

Scanning small receipts, dockets and similar used to be an inconvenience, as well as time consuming. Now you can simply place your small receipts and documents face down – and randomly – across the A3 glass. Our ‘separate scan’ function will scan them all in one pass and deliver a separate PDF of each receipt to your scan folder or email.


7. Email PDFs without bounce back

G compact pdf.png

With our compress / compact PDF scan function the file size of your PDF document is automatically compressed and reduced. This makes it much easier to email large documents without having your emails rejected because of the file size of the attachment. The PDF icon looks the same as a normal PDF and the document can be opened in the normal manner.


8. Can you keep a secret?


If you’re printing payroll, staff reviews or anything you don’t want shared, you no longer need to press print and run to the printer. You can now print to the printer’s memory in a password-protected confidential box. When you have time, simply walk up to the printer enter your personal password and print your confidential job while you’re standing there.

9. Never EVER run out of toner


Our machine will automatically send us an alert when your toner is about to run out. It’s a one-way message to us from the machine, so your computer network is safe. We don’t interrogate your machine and jeopardise your computer network security. We then dispatch toner to you so you have it ready and waiting for when it finally runs out.


10. A user panel just for you


Everyone’s office is different, so be sure to discuss your preferences with our installation technician. Your user screen can be adjusted and customised for the way you work. It will display what you use and how you prefer to display the most commonly used options. Why not make things easy for yourself?


11. Control colour printing costs


By activating our inbuilt audit control, your staff will think twice before printing in colour. This will help to keep your monthly printing costs to a minimum.


12. A standard keyboard


If you prefer to use a standard keyboard, simply pull out the built-in full-sized retractable QWERTY keyboard. Easily name the document you wish to scan, enter an email address that may not be in your address book and type away.

13. Thumbs up for thumb drives


There’s no need to turn your computer on if you need to print or scan something to your portable USB drive. Simply insert a USB directly into your printer. If document security is an issue we can easily disable this function so all scans are always traceable via your computer network.


14. Power naps save you money

N sensor.png

It’s better for the environment and saves you money if you let your machine sleep when it’s not in use. When you approach the machine to do some work, our built-in sensor will automatically wake the machine up. It’s ready for operation within one second, so you don’t waste time looking for which button to press. It happens automatically without your involvement.


15. One size doesn't fit all


Your document scanned to a PDF is usually a single PDF of the all the pages you placed in the printer’s feeder. Now, this same scan could automatically give you a different PDF for each page scanned, saving you precious time standing at your machine. You may prefer, for example, a separate PDF be provided every two pages. Whatever your preference, your machine can help with the touch of a button, saving you valuable time.


16. Learning is good, free learning is best

Our metro service agreement customers can request additional training for staff at any time during the life of your service agreement. Call us to arrange for one of our field technicians to attend your office and show staff how to use the automated functions and advanced features of your machine.


17. Let friends in, keep hackers out


It’s never a good idea to allow visitors to your company be they suppliers, customers or even head office laptops onto your computer network to scan and print their documents. It’s always smarter to keep your computer network secure from viruses and threats. Fortunately, our printer can create its own wifi network. This can be provided to visitors so they can print and scan directly from your printer without having to go through your computer network.


18. No more out-of-date forms


Forms and documents that you regularly use within your business, like customer account application forms, staff leave forms, etc., can now be stored within your printer. Be sure that staff are always using the most recent and approved form by printing on demand when needed. When a form is updated, simply change it once within the printer and everyone is on the same page.


19. Always see clearly

S NEW Free Title Panel.png

No matter what kind of lighting conditions you have in your office, you can always adjust our free tilting user panel to clearly see the entire screen.


20. Find what you're looking for


If you take document management seriously, you can easily create PDFs that are text searchable with the touch of a button. With a text searchable PDF you can easily interrogate and search contents of a PDF you created from a hard copy document.


21. Scan here, there and everywhere

V NEW Scan.png

You no longer need to scan to just email. Our printer will let you scan to a shared folder on your server, your personal folder on your PC, a mobile phone or a tablet. You can even scan to a URL or a USB if you’re looking to decrease computer network traffic. This is standard within most of our printer models. With additional software you can scan direct to applications specific to your industry, saving you valuable time and effort. Chat to us about options for your business.


22. Can't wait, don't worry we'll see you soon

W NEW2 print release follow me.png

If your business has more than one machine onsite, we can enable what’s called ‘print release’. You print your job, and when you walk to the nearest available printer and activate your credentials, your print job will follow you to that printer.


23. In the cloud, we'll come to you


If it’s in the cloud you can probably access it directly from your printer’s screen. Many cloud connectors are available to enable you to quickly scan to your cloud service or print from your cloud storage without having to go to your computer. Chat with us about the connectors currently available.


24. A card that saves you money

Y NEW2 card reader.png

You could use your building access cards to integrate with your printer and track the printing everyone in the business does. This can save you money. Remember those wasted jobs that are printed and always forgotten to be collected? With our machine these never get printed – they can be automatically purged from the system and never printed if the owner forgets to go to the machine.


25. Don't over share

U NEW2 serve two networks .png

You may be sharing office space with another company, but now you can both use the same printer to scan and print. Our printer will keep both computer networks separate and secure.

As experts in photocopiers in Perth, Advanced Document Solutions can help with an easy, stress-free experience when searching for a new A4 or A3 printer for your Perth office. Find out more by getting in touch today.