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A4 Multi-function printer

Sizing up an
A4 printer?

If you’ve decided you won’t need to print, scan or copy at A3 size, why not consider our A4 model? A4 Printers for Perth businesses are one of our specialities at Advanced Document Solutions.


Here are some really good reasons why this machine is perfect for your business. (There are more, but we know you don’t have the time).

A4 Multifunction Printer
Sharp A4 Desktop Printer Control Panel

Easy to use touchscreen.

Simple function icons make life easy and you can even customise the home screen to cover the things you use the most. Save hours poring over complicated stuff.
Those days are gone!

It's a mobile world.

Why not have a printer that’s keeping up with the world you live in? Now you can scan or print files from your tablet or smartphone using the free Sharpdesk Mobile app.

Convert your thinking
about documents

Easily scan and convert documents to popular file formats, like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as Searchable PDF & Encrypted PDF. 


And you can directly print these same file types from USB thumb drives, cloud applications and mobile devices. Hello cleverness.

You're a card sharp

Scan up to four ID or credit cards at once, including the reverse sides once turned over. For each card, a separate file is then created that captures both front and reverse sides. What a deal!

One scan, multiple destinations.

Distribute your scanned documents in many ways – at once. Send as e-mail attachments, to a desktop computer, or straight to an FTP server for storage. Productive and clever.

Keep it to yourself

Your important or sensitive documents are now safe from prying eyes. Send your job to print and whenever you’re ready, go to the most convenient printer, log on and print your information. Now that’s privacy.

Another port in the storm.

You can support two separate networks with your machine’s secondary Ethernet port.


Set up different IP addresses and security settings for each line, e.g. one in-house and one for visitors.


Or set up access to a web-connected
office network, as well as a high-security offline network.

A4 not large enough? We also have a great range of multi-function laser A3 printers and A3 desktop printers for Perth businesses. Find out more by getting in touch today.

A4 Multi-function Printers
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