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A3 desktop printer

A great fit
for any office

Floor space is a premium when you’re running a small business. You have to justify every square metre, even for office equipment.


But with our A3 desktop printer, you’re sorted. Here are some reasons why you need an A3 desktop printer for your Perth business.

A3 Desktop Printer
A3 Photocopier Control Panel

Work at full tilt.

The easy-to-use control panel can be tilted to your chosen angle. Especially handy for a machine that’s parked in different spaces.

Park it anywhere

Because it’s only a bit over half a metre cubed it can fit anywhere. Put it on a desk or a shelf. Or even park it next to the coffee machine.

A3 Photocopier Printer
Sharp A3 Desktop Photocopier

Less space, many functions.

Our compact little machine gives you many of the same functions of its bigger brother. Scan, print and copy to your heart’s content.

Keep it to yourself.

Your important or sensitive documents are now safe from prying eyes. Send your job to print and when you’re ready, go to the printer, log on and print your information. Now that’s privacy.

One scan, multiple destinations.

Distribute your scanned documents in many ways – at once. Send as e-mail attachments, to a desktop computer, or straight to an FTP server for storage. Productive and clever.

It's a mobile world.

Why not have a printer that’s keeping up with the world you live in? Now you can scan or print files from your tablet or smartphone using the free Sharpdesk Mobile app.

Desktop Printer Perth

PC-free printing and scanning

You can print straight from a USB, or scan a document straight to a USB. No PC, no problem.

To save energy,
it just goes to sleep.

The eco-scan function helps you save electricity by shutting off automatically when things have gone quiet in the office. Well, quiet on the printing front at least. 

If floor space is not an issue, why not take a look at our larger laser A3 printers for your Perth office? Or if you don’t need large prints, what about an A4 printer?


As specialists in multi-function A3 Photocopier Printers in Perth, Advanced Document Solutions are the ones to call. Get in touch now.

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