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What you want, when you want it

Every A3 model of Samsung’s standard 320 GB HDD & Dual Core Processor delivers speed and true multi-tasking to save you time.

Buy, rent or rent and buy

Advanced Document Solutions offers finance to suit your specific needs.

No hidden costs

Our A3 Multifunction Printers are delivered free of charge, with no hidden costs for installation or connection to your network.

Our A3 Full Colour or Black & White-Only printers are identical in every other way.

Talk to us today to discuss your requirements.

Save space

We have an A3 machine with an impressively small footprint. Only 57 cm wide and 60 cm deep!

Easy to use

Our full-colour touch screen delivers the ease-of-use you’ve come to expect.

Save running costs

Do you want to save money on your running costs? Activate our pin number tracking to control your printing cost.

A wide variety of products to meet your business needs

Samsung have two product ranges for different customer needs. Each model can be configured differently, so we can build a machine to suit your specific needs. You only pay for what you need. Talk to us today to discover the most cost-effective model for you...

Print and scan mobility

Mobile phone

Download the free Samsung Mobile Printing App from your App store and easily scan to and print from your smartphone while on your wireless network. Available for Android and Apple environments.


Using your Android or Apple tablet device, download the Samsung Mobile Printing App to enable a wireless scan to your tablet, or to print wirelessly to your Samsung A3 printer – while connected to your network.


Need to print or scan in a hurry? Connect your USB memory drive into your Samsung A3 printer and easily scan to or print from your USB storage device.

Save time scanning…..

Scan Word & Excel

Scan hard-copy documents directly to Word or Excel from your printer to automatically create a document you can edit and store electronically.

Name documents as you scan

Save time when your scanned document arrives in your email or computer, complete with a file name you created at the printer. Using the full-colour touch screen, a QWERTY keyboard pops up so you can easily give your document a name.

Compact PDF

Our Samsung Multifunction Printers feature a full-colour compact-PDF scan with a smaller file size than a black-only scan. Now you can email large scanned documents without them bouncing back!

Text searchable PDF

A text searchable option is standard in all our A3 multifunction product ranges. Now you can deliver a searchable PDF document to your network and easily search within the PDF.

No customer risk!

Our A3 Service Agreement machines remove any customer risk. The machine replacement guarantee provides you with the ultimate piece of mind. Talk to our consultants for details.

No hidden costs

Our A3 multifunction printers have free print and scan drivers for both PC and Apple platforms. With Samsung, there are no hidden costs for drivers you haven’t yet discovered!

Free training

At Advanced Document Solutions, we know you don’t have time to read a manual. However we want to ensure you can use all the time-saving technologies provided by our Samsung A3 Multifunction Printers. So we’re here to help. And best of all, there are no hidden charges for helping you.

A3 full bleed or banner printing

For those special requirements we have machines that allows edge-to-edge printing to A3 size. Print a poster or banner up to 1.2 meters long on your very own A3 multifunction printer.

Electronic desktop faxing

You can still send and receive hard-copy faxes, but our optional fax board lets you receive faxes on your computer desktop and you can send them electronically without printing paper.

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